Our wonderful customers are the reason we’re in business. Here are some of the great things they’ve said about us.

Tony Allam – From Africa
“Even though we are an overseas company Lapine took us in and fulfilled all our expectations, great used equipment, prompt service, fair price and were tolerant of the slow dealings that go with international sales. We would not hesitate to use them again.”

Ron Marcy – Marcy Excavation & Materials
Thank you for all your help in our 10-month purchase of the ’86 Ford LTL9000. Over this time, we spoke with 3 or 4 different people, all courteous and helpful. Each person gave us the same description of the truck which helped us buy this truck sight unseen except for photos. It was not misrepresented in the least and we’re sure it will make us a very good truck with lots of years of service still ahead. Thanks again, once Ronnie made up his mind to buy the truck, it all went smoothly. We’re still deciding if it’s going to be our next and last dump truck for our business or if we might leave it as a tractor and do hot-shot hauling after we quit the “dirt business”. If we go “over the road”, we’ll bring it to see you. If you’re ever in Fort Worth, give us a call or maybe we can be your eyes for one of your future purchases.

“LaPine helps me with every aspect of the transaction”
“Five years ago, my company was looking for a reliable partner to supply us with Heavy Duty Trucks and Trailers. A good friend of mine suggested I call LaPine Truck Sales & Equipment. I liked the way LaPine did business right from the start. Their sales team is friendly, gets to the bottom line fast, and is very cooperative. I was especially impressed with the many services they provide. The situation in Africa is such that obtaining financing for our purchases was still a difficult task. But this problem was completely eliminated with the help of LaPine’s personnel and reputation when our bank contacted them. LaPine helps you out with practically every aspect of the transaction, and that saves us a lot of red tape.” Thanks again – Best regards, Mr. Amrav Ali, Procurement Mgr.

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